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 Who Is Kari Sane?

Pirate. Princess.

Notable ring names:
Kairi Hojo; Kairi Sane
From: Yamaguchi, Japan
Born: September 23, 1988
WWE debut: Mae Young Classic 2017
NXT debut: October 4, 2017 vs. Aliyah
Mini bio: Kairi Sane’s resume reads like the accomplishments of 10 athletes. Apart from the laundry list of championships procured in the Japanese women’s promotion Stardom — three-time “Goddess of Stardom” and four-time “Artist of Stardom,” to name a few — she was an Olympic hopeful in yachting, pursued a career in acting, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese literature from Hosei University and once taught Japanese to orphans in Cambodia.

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Catch Kairi Sane on SmackDown Live every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on USA Network!

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SmackDown Live Spoilers: May 14, 2019
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Here are SmackDown Live spoilers featuring Kairi. These will air tonight on the USA Network.

Backstage promo from Paige to talk Asuka and Kairi Sane

Asuka and Kairi Sane defeated Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Paige announced before the match that Sane and Asuka are now called The Kabuki Warriors. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics watched the match from ringside

NXT Spoilers: April 17, 2019
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Kairi:

NXT North American Champion Shayna Baszler retained over Kairi Sane by DQ. Per the stipulation, Sane will no longer receive a title shot because she lost. Kairi with a hot start hitting a dive to the outside. Shayna takes control and hits a stiff knee in the corner for 2. Kairi ducks a knee and hits a spear. Kairi locks in the Anchor but Shayna gets to the ropes. Kairi with the Insane Elbow to the back, but Shayna catches her up top going for it again. They fight and Kairi hits a double stomp to Shayna in the tree of woe. Kairi goes for a knee off the apron but Shayna moves. Shayna attacks the arm, Kairi gets to the ropes, but rolls out and the ref calls for a doctor for Kairi’s arm. Io Shirai runs down to check on Kairi, but Shayna pulls Kairi back in the ring. While Shayna is standing on Kairi’s arm, Io attacks Shayna for the DQ. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke attack Io as Shayna stomps on Kairi’s arm. The MMA Horsewomen leave as Kairi and Io are left in the ring. After the match, the crowd gives Kairi a standing ovation. Kairi bows at the top of the ramp and waves to the crowd as she leaves

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NXT Spoilers: March 27, 2019
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Kairi:

Bianca Belair vs. Kairi Sane ends in a No Contest when NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke interfere. Io Shirai makes the save. The rest of the women’s division and officials run down to fill up the ring as the brawl continues. The segment ends with Shirai raising the title in the air

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NXT Spoilers: March 13/20, 2019
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Kairi:

March 13 or March 20: Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair to crown a new #1 contender to NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler ends in a Double DQ when Baszler, who was on commentary, attacked Shirai and Belair. Kairi Sane runs down to make the save but Baszler rocks her and puts her in a choke also. Shirai comes back one more time but Baszler ends the segment by choking Shirai out

» Insane Photos: Candids > 2019 > February 20th: NXT Full Sail (Credited)

NXT Spoilers: February 6, 2019
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Kairi:

February 6: Io Shirai, Kairi Sane, & Bianca Belair defeated Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, & Marina Shafir. Kairi and Io dance to Bianca’s theme. The Horsewomen dominate Kairi to start and tag in and out working her over. Kairi finally gets a hot tag to Io, who runs wild. Kairi goes up and hits the InSane Elbow, but Jessamyn breaks up the pin. Kairi tags Bianca who goes after Shayna. Kairi does a crossbody to the outside and wipes out Jessamyn and Marina. Io blind tags in and hits the moonsault on Shayna and picks up the pin.

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NXT Spoilers: January 30, 2019
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Here are NXT spoilers featuring Kairi:

January 30: Kairi Sane & Io Shirai defeated Jessmyn Duke & Marina Shafir.